Eurovision 2017 Staging: What should we expect?

It is a known fact that, in Eurovision, the staging can make the difference between top 10 and top 40. So every year the participants must take it to another level in order to ensure the best possible placing for their song. Time to have a look at what we can expect to see on the stage in Kyiv.

Last year we have witnessed some amazing, crazy and on point staging proposals (for example Georgia, Armenia or Russia), but will this year’s staging surprise and amaze us as well? The stage itself looks really promising, so it is up to the countries to use it in the best way possible. It is time to gather round and see what we know so far in terms of staging ideas from some of the artists.

Sweden – Robin Bengtsson will stay true to his Melodifestivalen staging. He will open Eurovision Song Contest 2017 from backstage which is something that has never been done before. The treadmills will be present on the stage as well, so it will be important to see how Sweden will use the lights and LEDs on stage in order to bring additional value to the song.

The Netherlands – O’G3NE revealed that they are going for a magical and unique staging which will be very close to the meaning of the song and them as singers. There will not be anything strange happening on the stage which does not belong to the song’s theme and concept.

Georgia – There have been plenty of rumors regarding the video displayed on the stage’s background in the Georgian national final. Tamara said she will change it, as its only purpose was to show the world the real problems and that humanity needs peace now more than ever before. Tako further pointed that she is going to wear a dress in Kyiv.

Switzerland – We didn’t manage to learn much about Timebelle’s staging idea, as they are doing their best to keep it a secret. All we know is that they are taking into consideration multiple options and each of them would embrace the song very well. The outfits will be different from what we saw up until now, including the music video.

Azerbaijan – With a very modern and strong song, Dihaj is teasing us with a very cool, avanguarde and fashionable staging.

Belarus – The song is really cheerful and happy, so Navi Band’s dance and choreography is going to be similar with their national final performance. The song is supposed to make people smile, this type of dancing is definetely the best way of doing so due to its positive energy.

France – Alma revealed that she will use the love theme of the song into the staging, so we expect to see some Parisian romance going on, possibly with some dancers on stage. She predicts that the staging’s atmosphere will be much better and interesting than the one conveyed in the music video.

Belgium – Knowing the massive hype around City Lights, the expectations regarding the staging. Blanche teased us  with the information that there will be many similarities between the music video and the staging.  So we can expect interesting lights effect .

Cyprus – The general atmosphere of the staging will be similar with the music video, but it will be much more related to the gravity theme. Hovig will be accompanied by to dancers, the main artist will however dance as well.

Denmark – Anja wishes the staging to be very colorful, happy and vibrant. She wants the audience to have fun and enjoy watching her performing on the stage.

So what do you think about the staging ideas we know so far? Which performance are you most excited about to see ? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned for more interesting articles.

Source:  EBU, youtube/user/wiwibloggs.

Author: Flo Armaselu



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