Get to know Ilinca and Alex Florea from Romania

After a landslide win in Romania’s Selecția Națională, Ilinca and Alex Florea will be heading off to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv in May. Time to get to know the young artists and their truly original entry.

It was no surprise that the duo Ilinca and Alex Florea won the Romanian national final. Betting odds and the scores of the jury members in the semi-final indicated a clear victory, the actual outcome in the final even topped the expectations. With about twice as many votes as runner-up MIHAI, the yodeling singers booked their tickets for the big event in May.

As the duo stated in many interviews, Ilinca was contacted by composer Mihai Alexandru due to the fact that she was the only artist in Romania who can yodel. In the songwriting process of the entry Yodel It!, both had the impression that there is still something missing and further invited Alex Florea to be a part of the project. The result is a very interesting up-tempo pop song, consisting of yodeling and hip-hop, a track which actually matches this year’s Eurovision slogan Celebrate Diversity.

Both artists are not completely unknown in Romania as they competed in The Voice and X-Factor. Entering the big Eurovision stage will however be a completely new and enriching experience for the young duo. Ilinca and Alex describe themselves as happy and positive characters who want to make other people smile and have fun with their 2017 entry Yodel It!.

In the video below you will find an interesting interview, where the duo answers EuroVisionary‘s very unusual questions. In this way you can get to know the singers even better:

Sources: EuroVisionary, EBU

Author: Matei Ruta


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