Omar Naber told us a lot of secrets, such as detalis about his staging, his song and what represents it for him. He also told us that he has written it several years ago and now he decided to participate with it in Eurovision! Omar Naber also participated back in 2005, when Eurovision took part in Kyiv too so it seems to us that he really likes this city!
  • Alex Iovan: Hello, Omar! First of all, how does the Eurovision experience feel so far?
Omar Naber: I prepare with great respect. The huge event that Eurovision is, takes a lot of preparations before even arriving to Kyiv. It’s a very exciting time.
  • What do you think so far about the Eurovision Song Contest?
It is a great extravaganza – a gathering of the countries of Europe (and beyond) for a fun competition to celebrate music and an opportunity to present yourself, your music and your country to a wide international audience.
  • Do you have any expectations from Eurovision?
I expect a very busy schedule leading up to the journey to Kyiv. Then, when I am in Kyiv, I expect professionalism from the TV organisers of Eurovision and the whole operation of getting the shows together. This is with rehearsals, press, interviews, meeting the fans and so on. I am fortunate to have experienced it before so I think I have some understanding as to what to expect when in Ukraine and I think this is very good for me. In terms of the outcome of the Eurovision experience, well, that is out of my hands. Who knows how the juries across Europe will feel about my song? And then how an office worker in Reykjavik or a taxi driver in Tirana or a bartender in Warsaw might feel? Music is subjective and people have different personal tastes. It will be my task to hopefully convince some of them with my three minute performance to the extent that they will like and remember it. I can’t ask for more than that.
  • How much do you think Eurovision has changed since you participated last time?
It changed a lot…as we all did in 12 years. It is probably even bigger now than it was back in 2005 – and it was big then! If I am honest, I probably did not have much of an understanding back then just how huge this show is and so I feel more prepared now for what lies ahead.
  • Your song is a strong and beautiful one. Can you tell us more about it?
It is a song that I have written several years ago and one which I kept returning to over the years, changing the mood and direction of it. If you’re looking for a message then I guess in simple terms it is one of hope.
  • What do you think that makes your song so special?
It’s about my personal experience, when I was lost, lonely and had no path ahead. But I always knew I’ll find a way and that there is always a light somewhere ahead even if we don’t see it sometimes.
  • Can you tell us more about your staging in Kyiv?
There may be some subtle changes in presentation and styling. The song is one which needs minimal but effective staging and it will be my aim to deliver the message as best I can to connect with the audience in the venue as well as both juries and the wide, diverse television audience. I hope they’ll like and get a sense of the songs message in my performance.
When and why did your love for eurovision start?
Eurovision is an important part of my life. It has brought my music to a wider international audience and afforded me the opportunity to travel to many interesting places and meet some great people. And now it presents this opportunity again.
  • How does it feel, to come back to Eurovision after such a long time?
It’s a huge honour. Really. To have the opportunity to represent your country on the international stage for a second time is an incredible feeling and makes me very proud and I am going to do my very best to make Slovenia proud too. 
  • Do you have any message for INFE Romania`s readers?
Thank you for the continued support you show not just to me but to all the artists that take part in Eurovision. And in particular, the great support and love you show towards the Eurovision Song Contest itself. Without that support, Eurovision would not be able to continue. As it is, the love and support you show to this event sees it growing and going from strength to strength each year. Long may it continue to do so. I hope you all have a fantastic Eurovision 2017 and I send you my love and thanks as always!
INFE Romania thanks you for this wonderful interview and we wish you all the best in Kyiv!

 Author: Alex Iovan

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