Romania: Official music video for Yodel It! released

Hey, all you out there, wanna sing this out? The official music video for Yodel it! is out and we can`t wait any longer to share it with you. The video was filmed in Cluj Napoca, Romania, and the result is looking really good. It has happiness and good spirit written all over it. The song is catchy, fresh, fun and happy and the music video is mixing all those things up in a modern and playful way. Ilinca and Alex are looking better than ever as they invite us to join them in living the life at its fullest, without any regrets and daily routine. In two simple words: Yodel it!
What is your take on the music video? Do you think it adds value to the song? Where is Romania in your top? Please let us know and share this video with all your friends!

Author: Flo Armaselu


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