Svala: „My anxiety makes me feel vulnerable like paper”

We are talking now to Svala, Iceland`s representative at this year`s Eurovision Song Contest. The song she is singing was written by her and her husband last year when they were in L.A. and she told us that she loves it very much. About her staging, Svala confessed us that it will be something beautiful and quite dramatic and also that she will change the show from their National Final.



  • Alex Iovan: Hello, Svala! How are you?

Svala: I´m doing really great.  Busy and very happy.

  • How does this Eurovision experience feel so far?
 It´s been very positive.
  • What are your expectations from Eurovision in May?
 Just to introduce my music and voice to a bigger audience.  To make my country proud.  Get to know new people and make some great memories.
  • Your song is extremely amazing. Tell us more, how did it appear?
  I wrote my song “Paper” about a very personal experience.  It´s about dealing with difficulties in your life but overcoming them.  I´ve been very open in the media in Iceland that I dealt with a lot of anxiety throughout my teenage years and early twenties. Music has always been my salvation and my safe place and I wanted to write about what I went through when I dealt with those difficulties.  We all deal with something in life.  No one has a perfect life.  This is what connects us as human beings.  The word ”paper” in my song is a metaphor for emotions.  When I wrote the lyrics I wanted to describe the relationship I have with myself while dealing with anxiety.  My anxiety makes me feel fragile and makes me feel vulnerable like paper.  The purpose of me writing my song is to be open and honest about myself and not be ashamed about dealing with this.  Because when we are open and when we talk to each other, we are setting ourselves free.  By not being ashamed we are facing our fears and we are not giving up. I still have my bad days but thankfully I´m at a much better place now and anxiety doesn´t control my life anymore.  But it´s so important to me to talk about it, to be able to help others and inspire.  Hopefully my song does that for people around the world that deal with difficulties in life.
I wrote the song with my husband Einar, Lester Mendez and Lily Elise in Los Angeles where we have lived for 8 years.  
  • What is the message you want to tell through your song?
 That it´s ok to deal with difficulties and it´s ok to be imperfect.  Imperfections is what makes us beautiful.  You are not alone because we all deal with difficult things through out our lives.
  • Can you tell us more about your staging in Kyiv?
  I really don´t wanna give too much away but I can tell you that my performance will be beautiful and quite dramatic.  We changed it up a bit from the one I did in Iceland just cause the stage in Kyiv is much bigger and we have more to play with there.  
  • What will your show be based on? Lights, projections, or something simple but good?
 The focus will be very much on me but we will also have amazing visuals and some more exciting stuff.
  • What do you think about Yodel it!, Romania`s song?
 I think it´s great.  Fun song.
  • What song from Eurovision is your all-time favourite?
  There are many that are my favourite.  I adore the one that competed in 2012 from Albania called „Suus” by Rona.  One of the most beautiful songs I´ve ever heard.
  • We want to get to know you more. May you describe yourself in some words?
I have a very kind and open heart and also a great sense of humour.
  • Did your father give you any advice about Eurovision, as he took part in this contest back in 1995?
 Yes of course.  He told me to do my very best and have fun and enjoy the Eurovision ride.
  • What was the impulse that determined your desire of taking part in Eurovision?
Me and my husband Einar wrote the song together with Lester Mendez and Lily Elise in LA where we lived in 2016.  The song was not written for Eurovision originally.  We have been in many writing sessions for the last two years `cause we have been writing for our new band Blissful and other artists in LA.  And „Paper” came out of those writing sessions.   It was actually my husband`s idea and not mine to submit it to the national selection in Iceland.  It took me a couple of days to be convinced but then I decided to do it cause the message is so important in my song and I knew that it would probably do pretty well in the national selection.  Also I only wanted to compete in Eurovision if it was on my own terms and with a song that I co-wrote and could stand behind completely.  And „Paper” is such a personal song and I´m very proud of it.  And it feels right to compete with a song that I believe in so strongly.
  • At the end, do you have any message for INFE Romania`s readers?
  Thank you for reading my interview darlings.  I am sending you love and light.  Can´t wait to perfom in my semi final on may 9th.  If you want to get to know me better follow me on social media!!
Snapchat: svalakali
Author: Alex Iovan

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