Italy 2017: ,,Occidentali’s Karma” reaches 100 million views on youtube

Francesco Gabbani’s Eurovision 2017 entry Occidentali’s Karma broke record after record throughout the season. Today, the song reached the impressive number of 100 milllion views on youtube.

Since Francesco’s win in the Italian Sanremo Music Festival, Eurovision fans all across Europe and Australia supported the entry enthusiastically. In this way, the artist attained the highest amount of views out of all Eurovision songs in the history of the competition. Reaching the number of 100 million is, however, another even more impressive achievement.

Betting agencies reacted to the succes of the track and consequently rank it first in their odds. As you can see in the chart from EurovisionWorld , Italy even leads by an outstanding margin.


In contrast to many other songs, Occidentali’s Karma mixes a very critical and deep message with an accessible and outgoing earworm. A wider explanation of the lyrics can be found in one of our articles.

What do you think? Can Italy win in Kyiv? Let us knwo your opinion on social media and in the comment section.


Author: Matei Ruta

Sources: EurovisionWorld, youtube




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