Demy: I’m really excited! I cannot wait to get on stage for the first rehearsal

With a very experienced and succesful dream team, Greek representative Demy will be heading off to Kyiv the next days. In our interview, the artist lets us know what her entry is all about and what she thinks about the Eurovision Song Contest.

How did you feel when the Greek National Television selected you as their representative? Did you expect that? 

It was a great honor to be selected to represent my country. My colleagues and I have been discussing a possible participation in Eurovision for the past few years and we all felt that this year would be the right timing. 

What is the message behind your song This Is Love


My song is all about love. Love that know no boundaries, no limitations, no race or gender. Love that accepts diversity.

 Could you reveal how your show will look like in Kyiv? 

Unfortunately not ! But we are all counting backwards to our first rehearsal in Kyiv, which is really soon, so you will know soon 😉

Now that you listened to some of the other competing songs, could you name 3 of your favorites? 

I have to admit that I still haven’t listened to all of them, just a few of them, as I was trying to stay focused and relaxed through this ,sometimes stressful, ‘journey’. I have already heard some great songs, but since I haven’t heard all of them I wouldn’t be fair if I named some.

Can you tell us what are your thoughts regarding the participation in Kyiv and the Eurovision Song Contest in general? 

I’m really excited! I cannot wait to get on stage for the first rehearsal cause only then will I realize that this is really happening. It has been a beautiful ‘journey’ so far and I cannot wait for the rest of it!

The team who composed your song also composed Ani Lorak’s Shady Lady and Sergey Lazarev’s You Are The Only One. Have you managed to get in touch with Ani and Sergey? If yes, what’s your impression about them? 

Both Ani and Sergey are amazing artists I look up to for their talent and professionalism. They have collaborated with the composer of my song Dimitris Kontopoulos and the director and choreographer Fokas Evagelinos a couple of times with great success. They both sent us videos during the Selecting-the-song National Final in Greece showing their support to me and the whole team, which was a great surprise and honor!

When have you first watched Eurovision Song Contest and how did your passion for it start? 

I cannot recall the first time but I’ve always watched Eurovision. When I was  younger we used to do Eurovision nights and I remember the year Elena Paparizou won and when Sakis Rouvas participated, I watched from home with excitement. The past few years I usually would be working that night, so I would watch the eurovision entries the next day.

Which is your favourite song ever from Eurovision Song Contest and why? 

I will say Waterloo. I love Abba and their music. And I have a strong connection with their music especially after playing Sophie in Mamma Mia the past year.

 Can you tell us your opinion about the Romanian song, “Yodel It”? 

I like it! It’s a very unique and different song as it combines in it completely different music genres. And that’s what it’s all about and that’s what I love in Eurovision. The variety, uniqueness… diversity! 

Do you have a message for our INFE Romania readers?

I’m sending all my love! Thank you in advance for the support. I cannot wait to show you what we are preparing on the Eurovision stage !
What do you think about This Is Love? How could the staging look like? Let us know your opinions and ideas on social media and in the comment section.
Reporter: Georgiana Eftodi

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