Eurovision 2017: First Rehearsal Day

After a longer period of assumptions and predictions, we finally got the first live videos from the big stage in Kyiv. The participant who are going to compete in the first half of the first rehearsal made their first runthroughs today.


Sweden’s Robin Bengtsson was first up to perform on the impressive stage in the Ukrainian capital. His performance was only slightly changed from what we have already seen in Melodifestivalen. A new, more dynamic and visually arresting, backdrop elevated the Swedish show.


Just by using the published video on the offcial channel, it is still difficult to predict how Tamara’s staging will look like. The 30 seconds show a pretty classy and elegant performance which does not rely on impressive staging.


Lindita Halimi’s backdrop strongly reminds the viewer of her music video. The artist is accompanied by her backing singers on stage, filling the arena with energy and passion.


Isaiah also relies on classy staging with less striking visual element. The young singer stands on a rotating platform, while the background graphics show pictures of himself. At the moment, we can assume the package will come alive once we can watch the show with the right camera angles.


Blanche seems to be all alone on stage, creating the atmosphere which her entry conveys. The backdrop also is meant to be mysterious and avanguarde.


Slavko Kalezic brings very interesting backing graphics to Kyiv which complement the craziness of his show. The performance appears very fresh and less structured.


Norma John transfered their UMK staging to the big stage. The two artist really managed to create a mood and convey deep and honest emotions through their entry.


The Azeri staging looks very avanguarde and experimental, perfectly matching the character of representative DIHAJ. The 30 seconds grow interest in the full performance and make us looking forward for more.


Salvador Sobral could not perform in the rehearsal today, due to health issues. His sister Luisa took the place of her brother and gave us an insight in how the actual performance will look like. The show is simple and does rely on the song itself, in order to stand out.

Which performance did you like the most? Let us know your opinion on social media and in the comments below.

Sources: EBU

Author: Matei Ruta


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