Romania – a source of inspiration for upcoming Eurovision winners!

Judging by last years’​ winners and Romania’s former representatives, we can say that Romania is a source of inspiration when it comes to Eurovision winners. We will pick some example years in order to demonstrate our observation.
We will begin with 2013, when Romania brought an opera singer to the big Eurovision stage, dressed with a dress! Although his show was amazing and his voice left everyone without words, Cezar attained place 13th in the Grand Final. Anyway, the following year,  Austria won the Eurovision Song Contest with Conchita Wurst, a transgender man wearing a dress as well. So, Romania may have inspired the Austrian delegation with their 2013 performance, as they chose Conchita internally.

In 2014, Romania wanted holograms on stage, but Paula and Ovi’s dreams, (Romania’s representatives from that year) could not come true as the organisers from Copenhagen did not allow them to bring on the stage seven screens where they could have projected those holograms. However, it did not stop them from having at least something alike. The TVR team,  succeeded in making a camera effect that looked almost better than a hologram. This idea was also taken over by countries like Armenia or Georgia in 2016.

The most interesting thing is that one year later in 2015, Eurovision winner Mans Zelmerlow had a show with these holograms! So, he might have been inspired by Romania’s act from 2014 and just organised things better in order to win!

2015 was the year when, after a period of seven years, Romania sent a song in its national language to Eurovision. The track De la capăt (All over again) was sung by the former rock band Voltaj. Also, the winner from 2016, Jamala (Ukraine), won the Eurovision Song Contest with a song that was half sung in Crimean Tatar language, a dialect spoken in Crimea and recognised as official spoken dialect in Ukraine.

So, as now we have the necessary information, can we say that Romania is a source of inspiration for the upcoming winners? Of course, there are plenty of other aspects that matter when it comes to winning the Eurovision Song Contest, but at least we can say that Romania indirectly contributed to their winning shows! Will someone win within the next years with a song which contains yodeling? Or will it be a duet? Let us know what you think about it!

Author: Alex Iovan 


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