How much is the ”Love” used in Eurovision 2017?

Throughout the years, the main theme for the Eurovision songs has proven to be love. Last year, in Stockholm, we have enjoyed a very special performance from our beloved Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw built around love and peace. But what about Eurovision 2017?

How many of the participating artists use the word ”love” in their songs? We have discovered that there are no more or less than 26 countries whose entries mention at least once the word ”love”. Greece even uses the term it in their song title: This is love. That leaves 16 countries untouched by love: Austria, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Cyprus, FYR Macedonia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Moldova, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Ukraine. We have to mention that the Finnish song contains the word ”lover” in their entry Blackbird, so it belongs to the ”love songs” category.

Here are some love-lyric examples:

Sweden: ”Oh, hands down to the floor, my love/ And I’m doing whatever you want”

Belgium: ”Love came in between the space and the city lights”

Montenegro: ”The spaceship is ready to blow/ Drunk in love, I’m gonna explode”

Greece: ”This is love/ Reaching out for the stars”


Czech Republic: ”You know that I love it when you call just to say hello”

Poland: ”Just two shadows in love, we were ghosts”

Armenia: ”Never stop believing that love will take us high”

Malta: ”I’ve got the will, I learned the skill/ Of a true acrobat for love”

Denmark: ”Afraid and I fear to love, but you never let me go”

Switzerland: ”So don’t pull the rug from underneath us/ We’re in trouble but we got the love”

Bulgaria: ”I don’t want nothing more/ Our love is untouchable”

Estonia: ” ‘Cause sometimes we’re building and burning down love/ We have lost our Verona”

France: ”Embrasse-moi, dis-moi que tu m’aimes/ Embrasse-moi”


What do you think? Is Eurovision 2017 about love? Which songs do you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments section and stay tuned.


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